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  • Our Mission
    It is the mission of the San Andreas Highway Patrol & Department of Public Safety to provide the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of San Andreas. This is accomplished through our five departmental goals:
    - Prevent loss of life, injuries, and property damage
    - Maximize service to the public and assistance to allied agencies
    - Manage traffic and emergency situations
    - Protect public and state assets
    - Improve departmental efficiency

  • Our Duties
    The SAHP agency is responsible for law enforcement on all San Andreas state routes (including all freeways and expressways), U.S. Highways, Interstate Highways and all public roads in unincorporated and incorporated portions of a county. Local police or the local sheriff's department having a contract with an incorporated city are primarily responsible for investigating and enforcing traffic laws in incorporated cities, but any peace officer of the SAHP can still enforce any state law anywhere within the state, even though the agency's primary mission is related to transportation. Furthermore, SAHP officers act as bailiffs for the San Andreas Supreme Court and San Andreas Court of Appeal, as well as providing security at buildings occupied by the State of San Andreas.

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    Head SAHP Command

    Commissioner - Vacant S.
    Deputy Commissioner - Vacant S.
    Assistant Commissioner - Ardit B.
    Commander - Vacant S.
    Major - Vacant S.
    SAHP Senior Command

    SAHP Staff Members

    Master Sergeant
    Staff Sergeant
    Senior Corporal

    Department Members

    Chief Master Trooper
    Master Trooper
    Senior Trooper
    Trooper First Class

    SAHP Reserve Unit
    New Department Members

    Probationary Trooper

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