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  • About San Andreas Fire  Rescue

    We are an exceptionally gifted group of Paramedics and Firefighters. Our group is comprised of both Full-Time Staff and Volunteers from around the State of San Andreas. We are the Men and Women that protect San Andreas day in and day out. We come from varying backgrounds, however we as a whole will go to additional progression to maintain our obligations as model residents of San Andreas, and experts in the Fire Rescue.

  • Our Motto

    Respect, Integrity and Brotherhood


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    SAFR Command

    Fire Chief - Vacant
    Fire Deputy Chief - Vacant
    Fire Asst. Chief - Vacant S.
    SAFR Senior Command

    Division Chief 
    Battalion Chief
    SAFR Staff Members

    Fire Captain

    Department Members
    FireFighter II
    FireFighter I

    Probationary FireFighter

    SAFR Volunteer
    SAFR Reserve Unit
    New Department Members


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