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    If you need help installing this File, Please contact Support on Teamspeak! This Also comes with the option of installing Weapon, Vehicle and other Ambient Sounds! This System will only Work on the SouthwestRP Servers.
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    Law Enforcement Training Session This Training Session will be hosted by: North S. 1L-01 Please arrive in the waiting room Five minutes before the start of your Training Session. This Training Session will be hosted in: Field Training Room - 1 | In the official SouthwestRP Teamspeak Server Study Material: Community 10 - Codes Community Rules and Regulations SouthwestRP Emergency Response Policy Notes: LEO Recruits/LEO Reserves must wait one (1) hour from joining the community/being accepted as a Reserve before attending their exam session to allow for ample time to study. The calendar time will adjust to the timezone set on your device. Do not comment on an exam session that is full. Instead, please find another session Other Useful Information / Documents: Radio Plugin User Guide Community Requirements If you have any Questions Please Reach out to any DOT Member On Discord, Please Try to follow your CoC.
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